Apr 14

Judo Eb 2013 Budapest v6

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Mar 14

Samantha Lowe – Olympic Judo hopeful

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Mar 14

Forrest Griffin added to UFC EA Sports roster

UFC EA Sports has already come up with their latest roster of fighters. The most recently added name is that of retired American MMA champion Forrest Griffin.

The new-genre MMA game has been designed to relive the very UFC feel as closely possible. The specification of Heavyweight Light Champion Griffin presents a virtual grin shockingly accurate to that of the reality. The actual UF winner is presently an employee with UFC catering to duties that go beyond fighting inside the cage. However, EA Sports have taken this decision to include this one of the most favored MMA heroes in their always-expanding roster.

Along with Forrest Griffin, the new EA Sports roster includes other favorites from the MMA scene. One among them is Chan Sung Jung. Griffin is famous for his typical “never-say-die” approach & seamless gas tank- thus it is sensible to introduce Chan Jung Korean Zombie alongside the the top fighter of 2010. This featherweight competitor recently battled against Jose Also & he could not leave with belt- it was his very élan to bear the punishment & fire back again received much applause. When it comes to relentless champions sans any fear for own safety, there can’t be a better fit than Jung.

The latest in-game images of the EA Sports UFC roster exhibited many other famous names. These include leading middleweight fighter Costas Philippou, Antonio Minotauro Rodrigo, the winner of Pride Heavyweight & UFC belts; Mighty Mouse Demetrious Johnson; Rashad Suga Evans, the winner of UFC championship & top 10 stalwart of Light Heavyweight Division- and trash talker Chael Sonnen. Sonnen’s fight against Silva (Anderson) won the award for being the best fight of 2010.

The UFC EA Sports is all about to launch soon this spring on Xbox1 and PlayStation 4.

Feb 14

GOLDBERG getting tossed by US Olympic Judo expert Jimmy Pedro!

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Jan 14

Stage Me METZER 2009 montage

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Dec 13

Olympic Judo Champion Willem Ruska

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Dec 13

Martial Arts Uniforms

These days you will find many parents across USA getting their children enrolled in martial arts classes as a way to educate their offspring on these practices that teach them self defense while improving as well their physical and mental health. There are various forms of martial arts approached these days all over the world, but the most commonly ones are judo,

Taekwondo, wrestling, karate, and kickboxing. It is through these types of practices that kids learn how to build their self confidence and strength while mastering skills and self discipline. One important element that shouldn’t be overlooked with kids practicing this sport is the martial arts uniform. Parents are always advised by the school master on the type of uniform the kid should wear in relation to the type of martial art he or she practices.

This article will point out some important aspects related to these uniforms. Once you find out more about a few basic things you should pass on to your child:

* One thing that you must know is to never purchase a sport equipment that is not appropriate to the type of martial art your child is enrolled into. Do not assume that a pair of shorts and a T shirt is what they need, because martial arts require a specifically designed uniform. Not all of them are identical.

For instance, Japanese martial arts (karate and judo) make use of ‘gi’ which is an open shirt that is held together by a belt and large pair of pants to enable the practitioner make ample moves with the body. Chinese martial arts uniforms will differ as well, in the North the participants wear long sleeve jackets while those in the South wear short sleeve ones. So, again, talk to the instructor who will determine the type of martial arts uniform that your child needs to wear.

* Another thing that is contained with the uniform comes in the form of emblem. This one can be found as embroidered on the outfit while others are attached to it. Some of these emblems are very old in their design belonging to those ages when that particular martial art was practiced. These emblems have the role to differentiate one martial art school from another and again the instructor will point out which emblem your child’s uniform should contain.

* Last thing to note here: teach your child to respect the martial art uniform which is part of the respect your child pays to this special type of practice.

Nov 13

“Funny Judo” Promo

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