Feb 15

Judo Moscow 2008 Huck (GER) – Malek Mohammadi (IRI)

Judo Video clip Score: 3 / 5

Jan 15

Judo Atom Kupa

Judo Online video Score: 5 / five

Jan 15

Judo – Self Defence Art from Japan

Judo, a modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport developed in Japan in 1882 by Japanese polymath and educator Jigoro Kano. The central idea behind Kano’s vision was maximum efficiency, minimum effort with mutual welfare and benefit.

There are three basic techniques in judo: nage-waza, katame-waza and atemi-waza. Nage waza include all techniques in which tori attempts to throw or trip uke, usually with the aim of placing uke on his back.

Each technique has three distinct stages: Kuzushi(the initial balance break),Tsukuri (the act of turning in and fitting into the throw and Kake(the execution and completion of the throw). Nage waza is further categorized into tachi-waza(the standing technique) which includes throws that are performed holding an upright position and sutemi-waza ( sacrifice techniques) in which tori sacrifices his upright position in order to throw uke. Continue reading →

Dec 14

Judo EC 2013 Budapest V1

Judo Video clip Score: 5 / five

Nov 14

Semplicemente Judo … by Olympic Judo Forio

Judo Movie Rating: five / 5

Oct 14

Shakaboom – Kids Judo

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Oct 14

Team Oceania London Olympic Judo “Brotherhood” from Kendal

Judo Video clip Ranking: five / 5

Sep 14

Judo Grand Prix proves to be a roaring success

The Judo Grand Prix, Zagreb 2014 is going on at present and the first three days were of huge success. There are five categories based on the weight of the competitors. Players from 46 nations have gathered in Croatia to show off their strength in various categories. With the 2016 Olympics in hindsight the players are putting in extra effort to win their matches in this event. In the women’s 48 kg category Romania’s Ungureanu managed to get the gold by defeating Figueroa of Spain. Anabelle Euraine of France won the 52 kg final against Portuguese Joana Ramos. Laetitia Blot defeated Hedwick Karakas in the 57 kg category of Hungary to boost the medal tally of France. There was fierce competition in men’s judo for all the categories. Austrian Ludwig Paescher defeated Kaba of Turkey to clinch the gold in the 60kg category. Jasper Lefevere of Belgium defeated Alim Gadanov of Russia.

The second day and the third day of the competition witnessed some intense competition. Tina Trstenjack of Slovakia and Kelita Zupancic of Canada won the gold in the 63 and 70 kg categories respectively. Dex Elmont helped Netherlands to win the 73 kg gold while Magomedov of Russia won the 80 kg gold medal. Anamari Velensek won the 78 kg category gold while Chinese star Yu Song won the highest weight category for women. Men’s 90 kg gold was won by Krisztian Toth of Hungary and Adlan Bisultanov won the 100kg category gold. Meyer Roy of Netherlands defeated Algerian Tayeb to clinch the gold medal for the men’s highest weight category. It was three successful days of judo in Croatia and the people completely enjoyed the matches that were fought with great zeal and the abilities of the players were put to extreme test throughout.