Jan 17


Aside the most talked about showdown in Glory collision between heavyweight champion Rico Verhoeven and Badr Hari, there is another staunch divisional title on the four-fight main card taking place at Konig Pilsener Arena.

The encounter that promises to be highly entertaining sees Ismael Londt, the No. 2-ranked GLORY heavyweight fighter been pitched against Jamal Ben Saddik in a match that has all the makings of a headliner. When asked about the fight with Saddik, the 31 year old fighter said: “‘JBS’ is my type of fighter, comes for war. He comes for the knockout, and I do too. That’s what the fans want to see.”

Londt, since debuting for GLORY Heavyweight division back in April, has gone on to win the GLORY 29 “Contender” tournament in Copenhagen, by defeating two kickboxing champions Anderson Silva and JahfarAr Wilnis in one night. Despite his performance so far, the fighter hasn’t been granted a title shot against the champion, Rico Verhoeven. Continue reading →

May 15


Judo Video Score: / five

Apr 15

Judo EB 2013 – Werk film 2. rész

Judo Video Rating: 5 / five

Mar 15

Ina Black How To Pack a Judo Gi

Judo Movie Rating: 4 / five

Feb 15

Judo Moscow 2008 Huck (GER) – Malek Mohammadi (IRI)

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Jan 15

Judo Atom Kupa

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Jan 15

Judo – Self Defence Art from Japan

Judo, a modern martial art, combat and Olympic sport developed in Japan in 1882 by Japanese polymath and educator Jigoro Kano. The central idea behind Kano’s vision was maximum efficiency, minimum effort with mutual welfare and benefit.

There are three basic techniques in judo: nage-waza, katame-waza and atemi-waza. Nage waza include all techniques in which tori attempts to throw or trip uke, usually with the aim of placing uke on his back.

Each technique has three distinct stages: Kuzushi(the initial balance break),Tsukuri (the act of turning in and fitting into the throw and Kake(the execution and completion of the throw). Nage waza is further categorized into tachi-waza(the standing technique) which includes throws that are performed holding an upright position and sutemi-waza ( sacrifice techniques) in which tori sacrifices his upright position in order to throw uke. Continue reading →

Dec 14

Judo EC 2013 Budapest V1

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